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Chapter 10

General Trends- The population increased and wascentered on northeast and northwest industrial centers. The population wasmoving west and to industrial centers. Much of the European migration went tothe cities of the northeast. The increase in agricultural centers producedurban centers.

Nativism-  Adefense to foreign born people from native born people combined with a desireto stop or slow down immigration. It was a result of simple racism. Complainedthat foreigners were taking their jobs from the native work force. Manynewcomers voted Democratic so Whigs didnít like immigration. Native AmericanAssociation became an association.

Canals, railroads, communication advances- Canalbuilding was mostly left to the states. NY was the first to build a canal; fromthe Hudson River to Lake Erie. Railroads began to form as a result oftechnological advances but the loosely fit together. When tracks did connectthey were often of different had different gauges. Railroads and canals weresoon competing.  Railroads eventually spread west of the Mississippi and became a common thing. Telegraph lines beganto form and permitted instant communication. Samuel Morse successfullytransmitted Polkís nomination for presidency. Western Union Telegraph Companywas the main company.

Change in ways of doing business- One change was theretail distribution of goods. New laws also permitted limited liability; astockholder would only loose what they invested and not more. Banks also beganissuing large quantities of bank notes.

Factories- Factoriesbegan in NY in the textile industry first. They later took over the shoeindustry. Factories were spreading but made the biggest impact in the textileindustry.